Top 25 Sites of 2010 by David Kapuler

With the end of the year right around the corner, I decided to dedicate a post to my favorite websites of the year. At first I wanted to do a list of 10 choices, but after looking through the 100's of posts that I've done throughout the year I had to up that total to 25. Depending on feedback, I might do a top 100 or 50 if there is a demand.

  1. Kidblog - Great way for schools to have kids blog. No student email is required and everything is monitored before being posted online.
  2. Sweet Search - Excellent search engine for students, as everything has been reviewed by educators.
  3. Cacoo - Nice site for creating online charts and graphs with a built-in chat feature for collaboration.
  4. 21 Classes - Get students blogging in a safe and secure environment.
  5. Story Jumper -Excellent site for digital storytelling, with many educational resources for teachers.
  6. Middlespot - Innovative website for social bookmarking that allows users to collect sites in a visual way.
  7. Education Eye - Fun site for brainstorming with this visual search engine.
  8. Kizoa - Great site for creating animated slide shows with lots of different content to choose from.
  9. Drag on Tape - Very user-friendly site that uses a drag-n-drop interface to edit and mix video.
  10. Shwup - Great site for making collaborative slide shows.
  11. PreZentit - Very similar to Shwup, a nice looking site for making collaborative slide shows.
  12. Quintura for Kids - A search engine for kids that acts a bit like a tag cloud where results can be embedded into a site.
  13. TodaysMeet - Create a real-time, private, back channel chat that brings in tweets from Twitter.
  14. MeMoov - Very user-friendly site for digital storytelling that allows users to record their voice for narration.
  15. Wordia - Brings words to life through the use of video.
  16. Encyclomedia - Video encyclopedia where results can be embedded into a site.
  17. Zooburst - Great site for for digital storytelling, where a user can make an online 3D pop-up book.
  18. Jay Cut - Similar to iMovie that allows users to edit or create a video.
  19. Splashup - Looks like Photoshop and is a great way to edit photos and manipulate layers and effects.
  20. Comic Master - Fun site for digital storytelling that has a drag-n-drop interface.
  21. Knowcase - Create collaborative outlines with this easy-to-use site.
  22. Cloud Canvas - Great site for photo editing and drawing or painting, similar to Splashup.
  23. Magic Studio - Great multi-media site for uploading photos,documents or video and then editing them.
  24. Googlios - A way for students to create digital portfolios online using Google Tools.
  25. We are Teachers - Social network for educators where lots of ideas and lessons can be found.

David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment. For more information about his work, contact him at and read his blog at