What are you doing for the next few weeks? by Cheryl Oakes

Looking for a way to beat the winter/summer doldrums? I know I have mentioned this over the past few years, but there is great professional development happening on a global scale at Electronic Village Online . You can chose from a series of 20 free online courses. There are courses on topics like Virtual Worlds and Language Learning- which takes place in Second Life toDigital Story Telling in the ELT Classroom, using Windows Movie Maker, to a course on Enhancing Lessons with Web 2.0. There is virtually something for everyone! The courses are taught by interested individuals who want to give back to a community that has so richly supported them over the years. How do I know that? Well I am a member of that community.

I've written about Becoming a Webhead and for the most part, this is the community of individuals who are supportive of this effort. Well, the course I am involved with is calledImages4Educators, Carla Arena is the course creator, where in 6 weeks you will learn many beneficial ways to use images to enhance your classroom instruction.
If you are an educator and looking to learn some specific ways to use digital images in your classroom practice stop by and join this course. Already we have over 180 individuals who have signed up on our site. This means there are over 100 individuals who will support you in this online learning journey. Of course, we also welcome "lurkers". Lurkers are affectionately known as people who are interested in what is happening online and may not have the time to take the class synchronously and participate in all the events, but will tag along and participate in viewing what is happening. Many of us start out as lurkers, learn a great deal, make some connections and then begin giving back to this robust community.

For example, during the 6 weeks of classes we will introduce people to FlickR, Digital Story Telling, Animoto, Voicethread , many more Web 2.0 FREE tools, how to use images to make meaning in your curriculum, how to use images to engage and motivate learners and how to become a successful manager of your content using images from the web and your soon to be very full personal learning network.

Looking for something to pass the time, beat your winter/summer doldrums, join us for Images4education. You will be glad that you widened your network.

If you participated in k12onlineconference.org, then EVO sessions are something you should look at and participate in.

Becoming a Webhead09 http://evosessions.pbwiki.com/baw09
Images4education http://images4education.ning.com
EVO http://evosessions.pbwiki.com/ See the courses listed here: http://evosessions.pbwiki.com/Call_for_Participation09
Flickr http://www.FlickR.com
Animoto http://www.animoto.com
Voicethread http://www.voicethread.com
Digital storytelling in the classroom http://evosessions.pbwiki.com/Digital_Story_Telling
Carla Arena- http://collablogatorium.blogspot.com/