What Should They See? by Bob Sprankle

I've been asked to do a 1 hour presentation later this summer for school administrators on the topic of "What should they see as evidence of Technology Integration in classrooms?" Specifically, this is a guide to what administrators are looking for during a "3 Minute Walk" when visiting classrooms, collecting evidence for future Teacher evaluations.

I'm starting to gather my ideas together for the presentation. One of the things I already know I want to talk about is the value of a Professional Learning Network (PLN). It has been my experience that PLNs are one of the most important sources to support and sustain successful technology integration into the classroom. Much of my own success of an integrated curriculum comes from what I have learned from my own generous PLNs (through Twitter, Facebook, Edtechtalk.com, numerous Ning groups, Classroom 2.0, blogs, etc.). To put it bluntly, I couldn't do it without them. True, administrators may not be able to see evidence that teachers have joined or established PLNs during a "3 Minute Walk," but at some point this needs to be a part of the conversation and possibly a part of the evaluations.

So, to demonstrate how transformational and powerful PLNs can be, I would like to open up this post to YOU ---my PLN--- and ask your advice for administrators:

"What should administrators see as evidence of Technology Integration when visiting classrooms?"

I thank you in advance for posting your ideas and thoughts in the Google form linked below. I will give you (my PLN) full credit for all ideas gathered and together we will demonstrate how much can be accomplished thanks to the technology tools that bring us together.

Again, thank you!