Part 2: 30 NCAA Basketball Lesson Plan Resources and Links- A PBL Series

Part 2: 30 NCAA Basketball Lesson Plan Resources and Links- A PBL Series

In the last post I shared an almost PBL story that I hope you enjoyed. The post also contained 15 links to help bring the engagement and excitement of the NCAA tournament to your classroom. Did you miss it? I have the link here. When basketball can be integrated with content standards and 21st century education, everyone wins. Please take a moment to enjoy these next 15 links. Also, please join me for an upcoming free STEM Webinar this coming Monday, March 24 at 7:00 PM at the Discovery Siemens STEM Academy. I have some great educators joining me as we share some wonderful STEM resources on Monday, March 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm EDT. Take a moment and Register Here… and now on to those links!

What is a Slam Dunk? – The website Wonderapolis provides this interesting question, video, and related ideas. It could just be a slam dunk lesson!

Who Invented Basketball – You and your students can explore another wonder of the day from Wonderapolis. Students will enjoy the video, accompanying fact, and any activity incorporated with it.

The Harlem Globetrotters and Early Professional Basketball – Perhaps you can design a lesson from this podcast at the Smithsonian History Explorer. Student will discover how this group of amazing basketball players became the world’s most recognizable sports team

Math in Basketball – This is a wonderful learning interactive from PBS Learning Media. Students follow a profile of Elton Brand, an accomplished basketball player who uses math in his work, students are presented with this mathematical basketball challenge. This site does require free registration for educators.

Basketball by Dragon Fly TV – This is a wonderful lesson with video that asks the question, “Why do some shots go in… and others do not?” This could lead to a great engaging classroom experiment.

Robot Basketball – This lesson comes from Try Engineering. It demonstrates the difference between precision and accuracy. Students design a device that can shoot a basketball free-throw shot accurately every time.

Engineer Hoopsters – A great article from eGFI that lets students know you can excel in the STEM fields while also playing basketball… and winning. A wonderful article that promotes both sports and academics.

Math Basketball Games – Are you looking for a way to bring a little basketball into your elementary of middle school math class? These games can be used in the classroom in connection with smart boards and Promethean boards.

Penny Basketball – A site that poses a lesson that involves penny basketball. Best of all, students learn how to make sense of the data they collect.

Energy Transfer – This is a great lesson in kinetic energy and energy transfer. It is also a wonderful time to use a basketball to display the laws of physics.

Math In Basketball – This is a fantastic lesson plan from Get the Math. Using video segments and web interactives, students engage in an exploration of mathematics, specifically reasoning and sense making, to solve real world problems. Best of all, students focus on understanding the Big Ideas of Algebra: patterns, relationships, equivalence, and linearity.

Science of Hang Time – Can your students answer the question, “How High Can You Jump?” They can experience this great video for PE, Math or Physics as students learn about the science behind the hang time in basketball. Perhaps you can create an activity around this.

National Geographic for Kids – Students can discover this great article on why the NBA uses leather basketballs. It could be used to create some experiments and a fantastic STEM lesson.

Where Will it Go? – This is a lesson plan aimed at lower elementary allowing student prediction of where a ball will go when bounced. This is a perfect opportunity to use any ball… or perhaps a basketball?

Sports Science – This ESPN series has three video dedicated to basketball. It might be the basis for a great STEM lesson during this exciting basketball season.

So there are the rest of those NCAA links. Please follow and sign up. If this has been useful please give a retweet! It means a lot! Also, please remember to join me for that upcoming free STEM Webinar this coming Monday, March 24 at 7:00 PM at the Discovery Siemens STEM Academy. It is on Monday, March 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm EDT. Take a moment and Register Here.

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