Magic, Monsters and Music

Magic, Monsters and Music

The forthcoming edition of Digital Education contains articles about magic, monsters and music. See? Computing is not all about coding!

Even monsters need company. Photo from James Vaughn

I’d have had this out sooner, but what with preparing for talks, looking at products to review and reading books (ditto) it has been delayed. The main book I’m reading at the moment is Teacher Proof, by Tom Bennett. It’s in the sme company as Thinking Allowed by Mick Waters and The Thinking Teacher by Oliver Quinlan, though more acerbic than either of those. And why not? As Bennett says in the introduction:

“I’ll stop criticising dodgy social-scientific quack research the day they stop telling me how to teach kids. Which, I presume, means never.”

Like the curate’s egg, parts of the book are excellent, others not so. But I’ll be explaining why in the next newsletter or in the one after that. It depends on how much time I run out of!

The next newsletter also contains a competition to win your school a datalogger, and a programming challenge. There are also guest articles galore: I think I counted seven the last time I checked.

Because of unmovable commitments, publication may be delayed for another week or so. I am trying my best to avoid this. Still, at least in the meantime, later today (4th June) you’ll be able to read the latest article in the DfE Innovation series. That’s at 3pm British Summertime.

If you can’t even wait that long to read more of my incisive prose then here are some articles that may float your boat, just in case you missed them:

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