Digital Education latest edition!

For the final edition of this free newsletter, we have a great line-up of experts and articles:

The quest to modernise the UK classroom, by Suzanne Tidmas-Cole. Suzanne discusses the benefits of collaborative technology in the classroom.

Preparing to teach the new Computing curriculum, by Terry Freedman. Are you feeling inadequate because you didn’t learn to code in a day? Well don’t, because the very idea is nonsense. In this article I look at some practical ways of getting to grips with the new Computing curriculum.

Review of SMART Amp, by student Ellie Gregson. Ellie extols the benefits of this free collaborative software — but is very candid about the problems encountered when it was first introduced into her classroom.

Neurodeterminism as an antidote to common sense? I doubt it!, by Mel Thompson. Mel’s area of expertise is philosophy. A far cry from educational technology you might think — but he finds the same blindness to everyday experience and common sense as I’ve tended to bemoan over the years!

Assessing Project-Based Learning, by John Partridge. John is the first to admit that, while project-based learning is a good approach for several reasons, it makes assessment more difficult. In this article he considers a few practical ways to make it less burdensome.

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