The Possibilities of Student Blogging

Friend and colleague, Andrea Hernandez, filmed and edited the following video. The video is a smorgasbord of thoughts regarding the possibilities of blogging with your students.

You will hear Andrea and my thoughts, as well as students sharing their learning experiences about blogging and

  • connecting to the world
  • quad-blogging
  • blogging to improve quality writing
  • transforming the writing process
  • writing with a purpose
  • authentic feedback and conversation
  • global awareness and perspectives
  • communication skills
  • student engagement
  • creative expression
  • practice platform
  • digital citizenship

The success of a globally connected student blog largely depends on “how connected their teacher is…”. What do you think about my statement of “the teacher has a responsibility to make connections for them”? Does this apply to all grade levels and age groups? When do we hand that responsibility over to the students? How do we guide them in building their own personal learning network?

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