What are your kids using? Free K-2 Tech Resources To Engage Kids, and Help them Learn!

What are your kids using? Free K-2 Tech Resources To Engage Kids, and Help them Learn!

Just so you know, this season of my life is very busy. As a mother of 5 boys, I am always looking for engaging and cool ways for my own kids to learn. I decided to dedicate this blog post to sharing some of those great resources I use at home. I have a KG, and two, yes I said 2, 2nd graders. (they are twins), an 8th grader, and.... wait for it.... A Newborn. (yup, I'm crazy) lol

here are some great tools my Kg & 2nd graders use at home.

Looking for a great technology resources for Pre-K through Kindergarten?

You have probably seen the commercials before for abcmouse.com

ABCMOUSE program is free now to schools. They have great learning activities for students they can complete in the computer lab, or in the classroom on the iPads. This is a much better comprehensive curriculum program then websites like starfall. Its also great for center activity, or after school program.

There are three ways for students to navigate through the program.

Lesson Builder: Allows you to build lessons for whole class, learning groups, or individual students.

Sequence Learning: Students travel step by step learning and follow the created learning path that covers all major subject areas. Each level builds upon the last. You can select the level each student starts.

Independent Learning- Students are free to explore site on their own. They can select by subject or activity type

Students can earn tickets through the reward system, it motivates students to complete learning activities, while teaching math concepts. Set up a free account for your classroom, and track students learning.


Online Digital Book
A great tool that you can access free through various public library sites. The stories are animated and read out loud to children. Thousands of books to choose from.

Every activity has been designed to teach a critical skill or strategy while providing the repetition and practice required for mastery. Most importantly, each stays true to the ideal that teaching and learning should be clever and fun. None of our games use non-math activities to incent students to play. The hook of every game is the math itself and students spend every second doing math. It is all math, all the time. http://gregtangmath.com/kakoomaMore Great Math Resources

Counting and Cardinality :

Think Math , AAA Math , Mr. Nussbaum , Fun School ,

Sea Horse Counting , Eduplace

Operations & Algebraic Thinking :

Think Math , Mr. Nussbaum , PBS kids, Eduplace, Math Pickle

Numbers & Operations in Base Ten:

Think Math , AAA Math , Eduplace, Virtual Manipulatives

Measurement & Data:

Think Math , Cool Math , Eduplace , Virtual Manipulatives

Geometry :

Think Math , Cool Math, Shapes, Eduplace

MATH DUEL APP My kids love a good competition. This app allows two players at a time to challenge each other two math problems. The person who gets the answer first in the time period wins. Great way to learn addition and subtraction facts.

Check out this symbaloo for Grades K-2

This is a perfect compilation of Interactive Sites for all grade levels, and content areas. There are some great resources specifically designed for K-2 students.

Ideas for active learning

Rather your kids need time to play, learn, or explore. Hopefully, the tools I listed above will make learning more fun!

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Patricia Brown is the Technology Integration Coach at Old Bonhomme Elementary School in Saint Louis, MO, where she implemented the first annual OB Family Tech week and Digital Learning Day. As a classroom teacher, she was awarded a $25,000 Innovative Technology grant for her school. Read her blog at msedtechie.blogspot.com.