The Best Slideshares of 2014

Slideshare has silently become another one of my go to sites for research, design inspiration, and ideas on a particular subject over the last few years. Since 2006, I have almost uploaded 100 slide decks of my own to be able to embed and share them online.

I am honored that has selected The Globally Connected Educator as one of the best slide decks in 2014.

4.4 billion views. 4.2 million uploads. SlideShare had its best year yet, thanks to users like you. What’s perhaps most astounding, though, are the powerful stories, insightful data, forward-thinking thought leadership, and big ideas that were shared this year.

Take a peek at the other categories and selections. The Globally Connected Educator shares the spotlight, in the “Best Decks For Educators” with Dean Shareski 'sThe Classroom of the Future (on slide 17).

The Must-Read SlideShares of 2014 from SlideShare

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