Taking stock of the new Computer curriculum: 5 key questions

Taking stock of the new Computer curriculum: 5 key questions

Now that the new Computing curriculum in England has been running for nearly a term, it's a great time to stand back and take stock. Actually, I recommend doing that even if you are not in England and/or have not needed to change anything. Here's a list of 5 questions you might care to ask yourself:

How well is your Computing curriculum working? Photo by HackNY.org https://www.flickr.com/photos/hackny/

1. What has been working really well?

2. How do you know? That is, what is your evidence?

3. Has it exceeded or fallen short of your intentions or expectations?

4. If it has exceeded them, what can you do to ensure that progress is maintained?

5. If it has fallen short, why is that, and how can you address the causes?

Remember: what's most important is your pupils' achievement and engagement. Are they as good as they could be?

Things you can do include checking out what events your nearest Computing at Schools hub has coming up, looking at the ICT in Education website under the category "Computing", which currently includes 101 articles, and downloading the special coding edition of Digital Education.

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Terry Freedman is an independent educational ICT consultant with over 35 years of experience in education. He publishes the ICT in Education website and the newsletter “Digital Education."