Digital Education e-Safety Special: Out Now!

Digital Education e-Safety Special: Out Now!

This is a bumper edition that contains loads of articles, including contributions from Rose Luckin, Maddi Holt, student Ellie Gregson, student Caleb, pupil Anna, Alan Mackenzie and Simon Finch. Read on for the full list of contents.

In this issue:

· An article that I suppose might be called an infomercial

· Literacy and ICTs

· How ICT helped me in my graphic design work and teacher education

· Apps for Good Awards

· Tech4Good Awards

· Ocado Rapid Router update

· The Education Show 2015

· Educational research and teachers

Safer Internet Day Supplement

· The editor speaks...

· eCadets

· Safer Internet Day at King Edward VI School

· Internet Safety

· Adjust your privacy settings

· Essential questions for e-Safety

· Are schools doing enough to protect pupils from e-safety risks

· Why do kids sext?

· Identity Theft

· Practical advice for parents to keep their children safe online

· Safer Internet Day- Young people and the internet

· 2simple news

· Why do teens do crazy things?

· Lazy e-safety messages are no help to our children

· What social networks are kids using?

· What do we want? Staff training

· People's online profiles may not be entirely true. Really?

· Inequalities in child protection

· Teens and privacy

· New ransomware

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