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Finally - Laptops More Affordable Than Back to School Supplies

Finally - Laptops More Affordable Than Back to School Supplies

Coming this fall, a new innovation to replace the classroom 20th century pencil-and-paper technology!

Laptops for all children.

Neverware makes this possible with CloudReady, a new technology which turns almost any old laptop into a Chromebook with support to ensure the device works. Schools can become Google Apps for Education schools, with free email, word processing, presentation, spreadsheet drawing and more. All this is on a collaborative platform (aka students can work with each other and experts).

What's more, unlike when Google Docs first came out, you no longer need to be connected to the internet to access your work. When you do connect, your work updates your local drive.

In essence, you have all the paper, pencils, notebooks, calculators, drawing pads, in short, your back to school list, in one device. That, along with a helpdesk, and productivity software.

How you get the device is irrelevant. Students can bring their own. A company can donate devices they no longer use. A laptop cart of old devices can be revived.

If you've made this far it's because you are wondering why I haven't told you what the cost is. You might be expecting the cost to be too high for schools to afford. But remember, I told you this can be done more affordably than the pencil and paper classroom.

The cost is only $25 a year per device per year including maintenance. If the computer is lost, the license can be transferred to another device.

Districts can drop their Microsoft Office contracts. They can nearly eliminate printing and save millions by providing every child with a laptop.

Knowledge is power. Laptops and internet are the key to that knowledge today. Cost is no longer a barrier. When every child has a laptop, how will that change how teaching and learning happens where you work?

Lisa Nielsen writes for and speaks to audiences across the globe about learning innovatively and is frequently covered by local and national media for her views on “Passion (not data) Driven Learning,” "Thinking Outside the Ban" to harness the power of technology for learning, and using the power of social media to provide a voice to educators and students. Ms. Nielsen has worked for more than a decade in various capacities to support learning in real and innovative ways that will prepare students for success. In addition to her award-winning blog, The Innovative Educator, Ms. Nielsen’s writing is featured in places such as Huffington Post, Tech & Learning, ISTE Connects, ASCD Wholechild, MindShift, Leading & Learning, The Unplugged Mom, and is the author the book Teaching Generation Text.

Disclaimer: The information shared here is strictly that of the author and does not reflect the opinions or endorsement of her employer.