Assessing Information Technology in 1995

Assessing Information Technology in 1995

Just in case you thought the difficulties of assessing pupils’ attainment in Information Technology are a new thing, and how terrible Levels were (are?), I thought you might like to read a report dating from 1995.

The context is as follows: the new, revised Programme of Study for Information Technology (as it was called back then) had just been unveiled. Part of the new order of things was the way in which pupils’ achievements were to be described and reported upon. Not in terms of “statements of attainment” but (shudder), Levels.

Read on to find out what teachers were not expected to do, and marvel at the fact that today some people are still giving teachers poor advice about how to determine whether or not a pupil has reached a particular level of understanding (read the bit about ticking boxes, for example).

So much more fun than a "Level"! Photo by Wes Fryer

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