7 Reasons to Have a Computing Wishlist

7 Reasons to Have a Computing Wishlist

How do you decide what to spend money on when it comes to ed tech? Do you have a list of things you’d like to buy, or do you decide on an ad hoc basis when you read review of software and so on? Do you know how you would spend a small amount, like £10, or do you take the view that unless you’re allowed to spend at least £500 you don’t want to know?

A wishlist can help you think of great ideas!A wishlist is, as the name implies, a list of items you wish you had, and which you would buy if you could. But here’s the killer: a good wish list covers everything, from the ridiculously small to the ludicrously large. But given that money and education are two words not usually found in the same sentence, why bother to create such a list? Here are several reasons.

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