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7 reasons not to swear in blogs

7 reasons not to swear in blogs

It seems to be depressingly more and more likely to find that a blog article which looks promising is peppered with swear words – or one particular swear word that is repeated ad nauseum. I think that writers of such blog posts are making a grave error. Here are my reasons.

And no swearing either

It’s unpleasant to read

I have a thing about swearing. It’s one thing to blurt out a swear word in frustration or when you’ve just caught your finger in the door, but when the swearing is being done in a controlled manner it is very unpleasant to listen to. A few weeks ago a neighbour came to our house and, for some reason, had decided to include a swear word in every sentence, for no apparent reason. It really was on the tip of my tongue to ask her to leave. I value my personal space, and I don’t like to have it polluted by inappropriate language. I feel the same about reading matter. The last thing I want while I’m eating my breakfast is to have a read a stream of foul language. I tend to stop reading at the first errant word. It’s frustrating, because I obviously wanted to read the article.

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