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6 Reasons to Have an e-Learning Committee in a School

6 Reasons to Have an e-Learning Committee in a School

In my past roles as ICT Co-ordinator or e-learning co-ordinator, I have formed and chaired an ICT or e-learning committee. What are the pros and cons of having such a body?

The terms used differ from country to country and even from school to school. Just so we’re all on the same page here, by "e-learning co-ordinator” I mean someone in the school who has the responsibility for encouraging other teachers to use technology in their subjects. I think the “co-ordinator” part of the title is an expression of hope, except perhaps in the sense that the e-learning co-ordinator will try to ensure that all the facilities are not in demand all at once. In my experience, though things are changing slowly I think, that is a problem it would be wonderful to have. The co-ordinator is likely to spend a great deal of time encouraging, cajoling or bribing teachers to try it out rather than juggling excessive demand!

One of the things that can assist the co-ordinator is an e-learning committee. Here are 6 good reasons to have one:

Probably not an e-learning committee.... Photo by Library and Archives Canada

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