A Great Opportunity: Finch Loaner Program

A Great Opportunity: Finch Loaner Program

Let’s talk about coding for a second. It's a future skill that in some ways is taking over the world. Having someone who knows how to write code is to a point where it is almost essential for a business to grow. Modern businesses have to have a website. That takes someone who can code. Most hardware now has a computer chip. That also takes someone who can write code. The issue is we just aren't teaching the skill. Thankfully my buddies at BirdBrain are trying to change that!

Birdbrain technologies is a robotics company that has two main products: the Hummingbird Robotics Kit and the Finch robot. I love the Hummingbird kit, but for this vlog, we are going to focus on Finch.

Finch is a simple bird-like robot that's whole purpose is to bridge that coding gap, and where it works wonders is its device flexibility. You can use almost any computer to code it! It works with Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows because it's corded with an ultra long USB cord. It also works with open source software Scratch and Snap. The hardware and software need combo mean it is going to work in every school. Basically, your only requirement is an internet connected computer!

What’s excellent about BirdBrain is they run a program to loan these robots out for free, and that program is open now (https://www.finchrobot.com/finch-robot-loan-program). No matter what your financial situation or device situation is, you can get your kids coding! Put in an application now!

Is a Finch as fancy as some of the other robots on the market? No, but that's not the point. BirdBrain created a robot that is accessible to everyone, and you can do some enjoyable things with it. One of my favorite things is to tape a marker to its rear end and code art. You should give it a try!

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David Lockhart is an edtech presenter, speaker, advocate, and coach with over ten years' experience teaching high school social studies. As an Education Technology Specialist with the Iteach Center at Kennesaw State University, he works with a metro Atlanta school district to personalize learning for students with the aid of technology. Read his blog at bigguyinabowtie.com and follow him on Twitter @bigguyinabowtie.