Data Mining School Survey Finds Recommendations to Achieve Success

Data Mining School Survey Finds Recommendations to Achieve Success

A recent report from BrightBytes includes an analysis of more than 180 million data points about educational technology access, utilization, and effectiveness. These are some of the data-driven recommendations based on the findings from the report:

* Schools should embrace diversity by providing real-world experiences to students via technology integration, online collaboration, and learning about cultures around the world.

* In order to close the access gap, leaders in settings with high free and reduced lunch rates need to scrutinize their policies and implement programs that allow students to take home school-owned devices.

* Leaders across suburban schools can ensure better access at school by implementing policies and procedures for students to bring personal devices from home to school.

* Professional development cannot be translated into practice without strong leadership to provide the necessary policies, procedures, and practices to support the use and application of technology. If teachers perceive leadership as unsupportive, this has a negative effect on their desire to use technology in the classroom.

To Access Highlights And Data From The BrightBytes 2017 Insights Report, Visit Brightbytes.Net/Techlearninginsights