Five Trends That Will Shape K–12 Education in 2018

Five Trends That Will Shape K–12 Education in 2018
  1. Schools will prefer integrated and interdisciplinary resources: There’s a growing trend for schools to prefer integrated solutions in which textbooks, digital resources, and assessments are all aligned to enable a superior and easier teaching-learning experience.
  2. Portable learning: Learning no longer needs to be confined to a place or time; anytime that suits the student, anywhere, is a good time to learn.
  3. Data-driven instruction: Teachers are increasingly able to access far deeper information about students than was possible even three years ago. This will give rise to smarter, more effective instruction in the future.
  4. Parent unions: Parents are mobilizing like unions and questioning everything that a school does—choice of uniforms and textbooks, fees and fee increases, extracurricular activities, instruction strategies, etc.
  5. Increased focus on health and safety: With increased school violence, parents are far more demanding of proper security protocols and policies.

SOURCE: Business World.