More States Adopt Computer Science Education

More States Adopt Computer Science Education


According to a recent report on Edscoop by Corinne Lestch, the following have joined the growing number of states that are embracing Computer Science:

Ohio: Governor John Kasich recently signed a bill that requires the state education department to adopt standards and a curriculum for computer science for grades K–12. Individual districts will decide whether to offer the subject.

Virginia: The first state to require computer science education, Virginia established mandatory standards in November for schools to integrate into their curriculum.

Utah: 33 schools with AP programs offered an AP computer science course in the 2016–2017 school year—19 more than the previous year. State Board of Education leaders want computer science classes at every level of education. The state allows computer science to count toward the state’s graduation requirements.

Wisconsin: In 2017, Wisconsin became the ninth state to adopt computer science standards, joining Georgia, New Jersey, and Texas, among others. There is now a greater push from state agencies and school districts to integrate coding into the curriculum.

Idaho: Early last year, the state’s House Education Committee approved new science standards boosting STEM education in public schools. Iowa, Oklahoma, and other states are currently evaluating computer science proposals.