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My 3 Student Expectations This Year For My Digital Heroes and a Free Handout!

My 3 Student Expectations This Year For My Digital Heroes and a Free Handout!

I recently finished two weeks of intense teacher training. I enjoyed what my district coach had to say when it came to classroom rules. She only has one expectation, which is be respectful and that covers pretty much everything when you think about it. I took this idea and decided on 3 expectations. I love this idea, because I teach 440 elementary students and in charge of the technology curriculum for 640. From experience, I know they can’t remember every rule or procedure from every classroom, but perhaps 3 might be more manageable. It’s also so much easier to make that into a poster! These are my 3 expectations/classroom rules:

Be invested:

in their personal growth and development and the well-being of their communities

Show respect:

for peers, their communities (physical/virtual), and themselves

Be a champion:

for peers, their communities (physical/virtual), and themselves

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Digital Heroes PledgeI

I created this Digital Heroes Pledge Handout for you to copy/edit as you like to whatever subject you teach (Math/Science/History/English/5th Grade) Heroes Pledge. The students have to reflect on the 3 expectations and think of specific ways they can achieve these expectations. Feel free to copy the template and edit as you like. I don’t need any credit, but you could always share with me on Twitter (@ShellTerrell) the way you used it!

Challenge: Narrow down your expectations/rules so students remember them and find examples of how they personally can meet these expectations.

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