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Today's Newsletter: Principals as Digital Evangelists

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I am still digging out of all of the announcements made at ISTE 2018 that we will curate for our August ISTE Wrap-Up issue. Of course we’ll include the many new product announcements, as well as recognize the winners of our Best in Show, but there were so many other takeaways that we can’t fit them all into just one issue. One (of many) releases that caught my eye was a new report by Blackboard and Project Tomorrow that explored the idea of “New Learning Leaders.” The report focused on a new type of school principal, described as both “a digital evangelist at his/her school supporting new classroom models and an instructional coach providing modeling about effective technology use for professional tasks.” How are your school’s learning leaders sharing the many ISTE takeaways to inspire teachers throughout the year? We’d like to hear your stories.
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