Try Out the New Formative!

Try Out the New Formative!

One of my favorite assessment tools got a massive update in the last year, and you should check it out! What's that tool? It's Formative! I don't think there is another assessment tool out there that gives you as many options and assessing kids in tons of different ways always benefits them!

The idea behind formative is that you build an assessment down the page starting with the first question at the top and then adding the next ones until you finish. The awesomeness of it comes in the fact that you can add almost anything to it including live drawing questions, long-form documents, audio responses, and more. It truly makes Formative the most versatile assessment tool out there.

[App Offers Comprehensive View of Student Achievement]

The update has been one that has been a long time coming. The guys at Formative actually showed me an initial build of it almost two years ago! They rebuilt everything from the ground up, and in the process, they added some great new features like a pre-made content library, standards-based grading, Google Classroom syncing, tracking student growth over time, and more advanced questions like Desmos. Try it out at

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