Watching TV Remains Kids’ Most Popular Pastime

Watching TV Remains Kids’ Most Popular Pastime

Findings from the latest Kids Tech Consumer Survey from Futuresource Consulting include:

Kids around the world aged 3–16 watch TV an average of 4.8 hours a week (compared to 3.9 hours in active play and 3.5 hours watching content on mobile devices).

US children spend the most time in front of the TV—an average of one hour per day.

32% of kids globally (45% in the US) are active watchers of others playing video games (eSports). 63% of children (and over 75% of 13–16-year-olds) multitask, using another device—to play games, watch other content, or engage in social media—while watching TV.

Social networking is still a staple, with 70% of Gen Zers accessing Facebook (49% use WhatsApp and 45% are on Instagram).

Over a third of kids in the US consume over five hours of YouTube content per week.