Program: Tech & Learning Live @ New York

Karen Blumberg is a Technology Coordinator at The School at Columbia University working with faculty and students to integrate technology academically, respectfully, and responsibly. She will discuss various ways school leaders can find the time and resources needed to grow their Professional Learning Networks and get the support they need to navigate the sometimes difficult role as liaison between curriculum & technology, teachers & administrators, parents & school boards. Karen will offer specific ways you can network with your colleagues as well as support your district's professional development by organizing events like unconferences, webinars, Professional Learning Networks, Google Hangouts, Edcamps, and discuss how other spaces (both physical and virtual) can lead to the ultimate goal of propelling and sustaining your (and your faculty’s) personal growth while supporting a participatory culture of learners.

Karen Blumberg's keynote address

Playground: Want to Be A Maker?
Presenters: Shannon Mersand, Sheri McNair, Sudha Narsipur
You probably know how much kids love makerspaces and coding. But, have you actually taken the time to play with the tools yourself? Here’s your chance. Join us for an hour of hands-on activities and demos of projects involving plenty of new maker tools. Come have some fun with our experts!

Rethinking Academic Coaches
Presenters: Coaches & SPOCs from: NYCDOE, Hendrick Hudson, River Dell, Wayne, Fort Lee, Ramsey Public School Districts. Moderator: Marianthe Williams

Whether your state calls them coaches, SPOCs, or lead learners, many schools have added “coaching” models that dedicate staff members to improving communication and collaboration between tech, instruction, and leadership teams. This session provides examples of these successful mentoring models and offers tips and guidelines you can use to replicate these best practices in your schools.

Rethinking Academic Coaches Presentation

We Have the Devices: Now What?
Presenters: Lisa Nielsen, Adam Schoenbart, Rick Cave. Moderator: Kevin Hogan

Hear how both sides of the device divide--instruction and tech--came together to provide the meaningful content, training, and buy-in from all stakeholders needed to sustain a successful 1:1 and BYOD program.

We Have the Devices- Now What Presentation

Can Social Media Really Make Digital Citizens More Responsible?
Presenters: Jerry Crisci, Luz Minaya, Marie Vargas
Celebrate October’s Digital Citizenship Week (October 18-24, #HaveTheTalk) at this session. Listen in, ask and join our panel of educators (working with K-12) as they discuss how they use social media for teaching and learning with students, parents and colleagues. Leave with concrete ideas of how to use social media in your classroom community, and how it can help your students become good digital citizens.

Digital Citizenship Presentation

Playground: Redesigning Your Learning Space on any Budget
Presenters: Tim Comer, Chris Aviles, Andrea Tejedor, Andrew Taylor, and Dawn Selnes
Visit interactive stations that showcase a variety of learning spaces that support mobile learning environments and more. Attendees can see examples of learning spaces and have the opportunity to network in small groups to learn how they might rethink their spaces, ways to pay for it, and how new spaces are affecting teaching and learning.

PD That Works
Presenters: Erica Hartman & Sean Beavers, Sandra Paul, and Samantha Morra

Hear four examples of PD programs that work, including: training teachers to teach online; Harnessing the Power of your LMS for Professional Learning for Teachers; Managing Changes in Technology Through Job Embedded Professional Development; and Differentiated Professional Development. Bring your questions and your ideas.

PD That Works Presentation

Cool Tool Duel
Presenters: Eric Rizzo, Eileen Lennon, Salvador Contes, Chris Casal, Jay Eitner

During this lightning-paced smackdown, presenters will make their cases for apps, add-ons, and other edtech tools while the audience votes on their favorites. Who will be left standing at the end of this battle?

Cool Tool Duel-Newsela Presentation

Cool Tool Duel-Casal Presentation

Hear from the companies that are sponsoring this event and shaping the
future of educational technology.

These discussions, on topics suggested by attendees when you register, provide a great opportunity for you to network with fellow technology leaders. Discussions included:

* How to build student tech teams (Hannah Magnan, New Canaan Public Schools, and Beth Richards & Carolyn Semet, NYCDOE)
* What do district leaders need to know to start creating personalized learning environments for students? (Marianthe Williams)
* Supporting collaboration between librarians and tech integrators. (Christina Russo)
* Re-Imagining Student Learning: What does learning look like when the technology becomes a part of how we learn and not something we do? (Andrea Tejedor)
* This discussion will explore digital pedagogy and focus on the best uses for technology, digital tools, and social media in education. (Samantha Morra)
* Dyslexia and technology in the classroom. (Sandra Paul)
* The power of the hashtag: social media as an educational imperative. (Chris Casal)
* Dissecting the New STEM Framework (Nancy Woods and Carol Mosesson-Teig)

New York's STEM Framework Presentation

Join the party!
T&L Live will close with a series of short presentations that offer specific takeaways/highlights from the day. These presentations will be followed by a reception where you can unwind and network with colleagues and industry partners—as well as participate in the end-of-day prize drawing!

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