This Ain’t Your 70s Snow Day

2/28/2014 5:00:00 PM

It’s been a rough winter for much of the country, but inclement weather doesn’t mean the learning stops. Here are tools many schools used to keep lessons rolling anytime, anywhere:

* Google Apps for Education: Had a small-group activity in mind for room 218, period 3? Set up a Google Doc and have students answer questions collaboratively from home. If you have a presentation all ready for a “live” class, throw it up to a shared class folder.

* Twitter #Chats: Use push notifications to send out reminders, reading links, or review questions for students. Use class hashtags to help students easily find relevant info, or create a class Twitter account. Set up a live #chat when you are available to answer questions.

* Google Forms: Google Forms can be turned into quizzes simply by asking content-specific questions. Or they can be designed more like a handout where students answer/practice/reflect on topic areas you wanted to cover face to face.

* G+ Communities: Create a G+ Community for just your class. This makes a group page where you can upload readings, videos, and links and have students comment on them.

* Try a HangOut: Feeling like a live chat? Set up a Google Hangout on Air. The added benefit is this records the discussion for later viewing.

—Jennifer LaMaster, CIO Advisor

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