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A Gift of Lessons

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It may be the time of year for Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza celebrations but that doesn’t mean that students have to stop learning. To start, how about a class project to print greeting cards. There’s a nice assortment of cards for the holidays that allow kids to type their customized their message in their choice of color and font. There’re even cards for the school Grinch, like “It’s Christmas – Deal with it!”

From its symbols and vocabulary to the history of Kwanzaa, the holiday’s lesson plan from TeacherVision has it all with a graphic organizer that can help make everything fit together. On the downside, the materials are only available to TeacherVision Premium subscribers but if you sign up for a trial membership you can get three free downloads.

The oldest of the three holidays, Hanukkah may date back more than 2,200 years ago, but Education World’s curriculum can make it seem like it occurred yesterday. With historical references, explanations of the lights and readings aimed at different age groups, it should fit into any social studies curriculum.

Finally, PNC bank has created a Christmas Price Index that adds up the cost of the traditional presents explained in the song “The 12 Days of Christmas.” From turtle doves to golden rings, it’s a great math project to do before the holiday break.

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Education World celebrates the Festival of Lights

Education World celebrates the Festival of Lights (Image credit: Edworld)
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PNC bank practices some financial literacy.

PNC bank practices some financial literacy. (Image credit: PNC)
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Teachervision explains Kwanzaa.

Teachervision explains Kwanzaa. (Image credit: teachervision)
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Ivyjoy brings the cards.

Ivyjoy brings the cards. (Image credit: Ivyjoy)