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Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Teachers 2021

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Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Teachers
(Image credit: Apple)

The best wireless keyboard and mouse for teachers make using a laptop and all-in-one desktop a lot easier. In the case of the laptop, having the wireless controls means you can connect to a monitor for a more eye-friendly experience, while running off your laptop.

By going wireless you can have quick and easy connections and no need to worry about the messy cables, which can prove to be a hassle if moving regularly. It actually doesn't mean battery worries either, as many last for months or even years before needing a charge.

More modern keyboard and mouse combinations are super portable while still offering high-quality mechanical keys. These key are what you'll want to look out for to be sure you get the most tactile typing experience. And on the mouse, be sure you have a scroll wheel or similar for maximum control.

The very best wireless keyboard and mouse for teachers 

1. Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse 2: The best wireless keyboard and mouse for teachers overall

Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse 2

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse 2

The best keyboard and mouse for Apple users

Superb design
Very portable
Strong and mechanical
Not the cheapest
Battery life is just alright

Despite this being named as a pair, the Apple Magic Keyboard 2 and Apple Magic Mouse 2 are generally sold separately. And neither is cheap. But as you can see from the design, both are very well made and, as such, are priced reasonably. 

The mouse stands out as a minimalist dream of a smooth glass-topped joy to hold. Accuracy is excellent on most surfaces, and the touch-sensitive scroll works well as do the mechanical dual button clicks. With battery life that goes for months and charges using an Apple Lightning cable, it couldn't be easier to use and pair with Bluetooth.

The keyboard is equally impressive, with a solid metallic frame that keeps everything compact and is strong for carrying about, while remaining perfectly spaced for typing, even for long periods. The mechanical keys are excellent for feedback while the butterfly action creates a satisfying re-spring feel. Numbers and F keys are all included, and everything charges via the Lightning port to keep going for months on end.

2. Logitech MK360: Best quality keyboard and mouse on a budget

Logitech MK360

(Image credit: Logitech)

Logitech MK360

The best quality keyboard and mouse at an affordable price

Very easy to setup and use
Compact design
Long battery life
Programmable F keys
Not ergonomic comfort
Feels a bit plastic

The Logitech MK360 wireless keyboard and mouse gets you all the quality you'd expect from this brand, but without costing too much. As such, you get a super compact design that makes this setup ideal for popping in a bag between classes. The ease of setup and connection continue to make for simplicity of use, and those programmable F keys make personalization a must.

The battery life is superb, with a good three years of use on the keyboard and a year on the mouse before you need new batteries. The mouse is nice and portable yet has a height that makes for a comfortable hand rest even for longer periods of use. Dual keys and a scroll wheel give you plenty of control, while the detection of movement works across most surfaces.

A terrific setup even when you don't consider how affordable this combination is.

3. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900: Best keyboard and mouse for Windows users

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900

A great choice for those using Windows devices

Simple to setup and use
Sturdy mouse feel
Auto power off glitchy
Mouse can lag

The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 is an ideal setup for anyone who uses a Windows device. With special deals for educational pricing, this is a great option to look at when buying on the school- or district-wide level. Complete with a USB dongle, this is good to plug-and-play with most Windows devices without the need to setup. That makes it ideal for moving between machines and rooms in school.

Running on replaceable batteries, the life between changing these is a good two years, and with the batteries included, it's a great deal. The keyboard itself is a classic full-sized layout with resistance on the push, which is liked by some but not all. It's still compact and highly portable, with the USB dongle tucking away inside the mouse. A solid build that works well and is made to last. Although the auto power off setup that turns on when key presses are detected can waste power in a bag.

4. Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: Best premium setup for multitasking

Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

(Image credit: Dell)

Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The quality best setup for use between device

Premium metallic build
Bluetooth and WiFi
Super accurate
Works on most devices
Not cheap

The Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is a terrific setup that does a lot to justify that higher price. The build quality, for a start, is fantastic, with a metallic finish on the solid keyboard and ergonomically comfortable mouse. This not only adds strength for portability and longevity but also looks great as a bonus and feels nice to the touch.

Despite being Dell, this setup is both Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi compatible across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. It can even be connected to three devices at the same time, allowing you to jump between gadgets while staying in control – ideal when presenting to the class across devices. All that and this has a stunning battery life of up to 36 months.

5. Adesso Tru-Form Wireless Ergo Mini Keyboard and Mouse: Best for ergonomic comfort

Adesso Tru-Form Wireless Ergo Mini Keyboard and Mouse.jpg

(Image credit: Adesso )

Adesso Tru-Form Wireless Ergo Mini Keyboard and Mouse

Best for comfort and portability combined

Ergonomic design
Portable size
Integrated palm rests
Scroll-wheel on keyboard
Not cheap
Windows only

The Adesso Tru-Form Wireless Ergo Mini Keyboard and Mouse offers you all the comfort of an ergonomically designed keyboard and mouse while still remaining portable. This rare combination means you won't have to worry about strain injury if using these for long periods – this even has a built-in wrist rest for added comfort.

This Windows-only setup uses replaceable batteries that last up to six months. But it's the built-in scroll-wheel on the keyboard that's a stand-out rare addition – great for touch typists. The keyboard uses a membrane for quiet typing that's built to last long term. A very accurate mouse with side buttons, built-in track wheel, and USB dongle connectivity make this a really appealing setup that helps justify that price.

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