Top 10 Science Resources for educators and students

Top 10 Science Resources for educators and students

Science Rules!

(Beaker and Professor Bunsen Honeydew - C Jim Henson)

I've reviewed over 100 science resources over the last year or so, but I thought it might be helpful to teachers to list the top 10 Science Resources.

In no particular order:

1. PhET - free online science and math simulations - virtual labs and simulations, with lesson plans, to use with students.

2. The Biology Corner - lesson plans, activities, and other resources. Mainly Biology, but also has A&P and Physics.

3. STEM - description, ideas and resources for educators - tons of Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math resources, including lessons and activities.

4. Discovery Education STEM resources - great, free resources from Discovery Education.

5. Virtual Tour of NASA Goddard Space Center and Missions - NASA has thousands of great resources for educators and this one is a great way to get students excited about science and space exploration.

6. Forensic Science Resource - CSI: The Experience Web Adventures - forensics is a great way to get kids interested in science and this site has virtual cases for students to solve.

7. Science of Cooking - great resource to engage and excite students about science - food and students -"nuff said. It's actually a great way to get students interested in science.

8. Great Earth Day Resources for Educators - Earth Day is a great time to get students thinking about the environment and about science.

9. The Science Spot - lots of great science resources for teachers and students in all areas of science. Lesson plans, activities, and links.

10. Understanding Science - great resource for teachers and students - explains science in a way that is easy to understand.

Bonus. Science NetLinks - great science resource for teachers - lesson plans, tools, activities and resources.

What are your favorite Science Resources?

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