Best Of BETT 2023: Robots, AI, Smart Lockers And More Revealed

Best Of BETT 2023
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The best of BETT 2023 is here as we take to the show floor to find all the best technological innovations that can help enhance education now and in the near future.

This year the education world descends upon London for the annual Bett Educational Training and Technology trade show which has been running since 1985. Year after year the show has centered more around technology in the classroom and this year is no different, with robots and artificial intelligence dominating the event.

Expect to hear from huge names such as Google and Microsoft as well as education-specific companies such as WizeFloor, Dobot, LapSafe, and others. 

Here are the very best picks from what we saw on the show floor this year to help education progress in a way that's innovative but easily integrated into schools, colleges and universities.

Best of BETT 2023 top picks

Dobot Magician E6

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Dobot Magician E6

Dobot Magician E6 is at BETT 2023 this year to show how bot-based learning can help engage all levels of students and enhance both STEM and STEAM lessons. 

This is a six-axis robotic arm which is controlled by bespoke algorithms written with education in mind. As such, this can be used to teach about robotics, coding, production, and more, all from a small space. The desktop robot is small enough to fit on a space the size of an A4 sheet of paper, making it an option for nearly any classroom.

Dobot is working to create more software that answers the needs of educators and currently offers support to help enhance use of this frankly mesmerizing robot educator.


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Jamworks AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is well and truly here and how that affects education is being decided already. 

Jamworks is on the front line of this new wave of technology, with a product that uses all the smarts of an AI assistant but in a sandboxed system that keeps students safe, and stops plagiarism and cheating, while serving both student and educator.

Jamworks is able to record a class and automatically transcribe a lesson with concise bulleted notes, images, links, and headings, which combine for easy learning and revision. It can also create quizzes from classes, making cheating far more difficult and helping gauge student learning in class.

Students and teachers can even learn by simply asking the AI to summarize a subject and it will trawl the internet to create a concise lesson that suits their age range. The future has arrived for class.


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Veative VR

Veative is a VR company aimed at education specifically. Unlike many others, this brand offers a stand alone headset. That means this has all the content loaded on so you don't need any computer, smartphones, cables, or even internet to use the virtual reality experiences.

There are over 100 hours of content across 670 modules spanning STEM learning, ELL, special ed, physics, chemistry, biology, math and more all made to curricula standards. Plus there is an app backing it up so educators can assess progress of students and analyze data over time to see how effective the VR classes can be.

Older students can also use the VR world to experience careers virtually in order to help them decide on a career path that could be best suited to their needs and abilities. 

With fair rates for use across classes or school-wide, Veative is a very appealing option for any schools considering adding VR to their education portfolio.

MakeKit AS

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MakeKit AS

MakeKit AS was at BETT 2023 to show off its range of educational robots. From bots that blow bubbles when you clap to flying drones -- students can now build and code these smart machines with more ease than ever. 

MakeKit has created a system that works with micro:bit in order to control robotic movements and commands, all within the MakeCode language framework.

All that should mean a far more straightforward experience for educators and students who want to enjoy STEAM learning. Backed by a host of helpful YouTube videos, the MakeKit AS makes teaching and learning of robotics and coding more pleasant and all while using sustainable parts too.


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LapSafe Smart Lockers

LapSafe Smart Lockers are the future of laptop storage -- and it's available now. From digital access to built-in charging, there is a lot to be excited about when it comes to these smart locker systems. 

Educators and students can use the touchscreen to access a locker, where there will be a fully charged laptop waiting. Since the bay charges the device it should mean no need to lug about chargers or have unsightly and potentially dangerous cables laying about the building.

Secure, easy to access, and built to be efficient on space, these smart lockers are ideal for schools. But thanks to the 24/7 nature of the accessibility, these are also a great choice for colleges and universities. From fixed units to lockers with wheels that can be moved about, there are several options to suit most needs. All come with a lifetime parts and labor warranty too, for that extra peace of mind.


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ViewSonic Universe

ViewSonic, the display manufacturing specialist, has taken to BETT 2023 to show off its new Universe software, which aims to blur the lines between reality and digital engagement.

The ViewSonic Universe is a virtual classroom space in which teachers and students can appear as avatars, signing in from wherever they are, using nearly any device. The idea is to reduce absences while also offering a space that can be adaptable. Teachers can post quizzes or polls instantly, or teach about the stars by turning the ceiling into a virtual observatory.

This platform has huge potential and the more it balances the real and virtual worlds, the more teaching opportunities it can offer.


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WizeFloor Interactive Surface

The WizeFloor Interactive Surface is a smart projector system that can turn a floor into a digitally interactive experience for students. In using this, a video is projected on the floor that smart cameras can detect when a foot is placed on a certain point, and the video reacts accordingly. Think giant touchscreen, only on the floor and able to react to multiple students at once.

From presenting quizzes that require students to stamp the right answer to playing virtual soccer games, there is a huge range of possibilities offered by this system. Everything can be scaled to suit the size of the room, or you can go for a mobile option, on wheels, to be used anywhere it's needed in the school.

Crucially, educators can create their own games and tools on this platform, which broadens the possibilities.


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EntrySign Login System

The EntrySign Login System has been shown at BETT as a fantastic way to manage the visitors of any education institution. This automated system crams in features while keeping student security and safeguarding at the forefront as it is designed specifically for education institutions. 

This system automates the process, allowing staff to get on with other tasks. Send temporary time sensitive QR codes to guests so they can sign in with their devices, use fobs for regular visitors, and enjoy features such as automatic temperature taking and self sanitizing. All while collecting all the data you need to stay safe and keep records of everyone that signs in and out of your education space.

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