EntrySign Shows BETT 2023 How Visitor Management Works Best

(Image credit: Future)

EntrySign made an appearance at BETT 2023 this year as an ideal education sign-in and visitor management system.

The EntrySign system has been built with education in mind so boosting security and safeguarding students are at the forefront of the features here. Everyone who visits the site can sign in and sign out easily, without the need for staff to play a part in the process. 

Consequently, visitor access can be managed safely but also monitored, allowing you to collect all the information that is needed for the safest possible experience. For example, you can use QR codes that are time sensitive, allowing specific invitees to have access for a specified period only. This can mean saving money by negating the need to offer physical passes, instead allowing visitors to use their own devices, with their unique codes, to gain access.

That said, there is still a traditional NFC card or fob reader so those entering the school regularly can do so without the need to use their device or having to spend any time entering information -- simply tap and go.

Other useful features include instant fire evacuations, documentation tracking, date tracking, infection control with automatic sanitizing and temperature checking, MIS integration, and more. Usefully, the EntrySign system can send automatic email confirmations to guests as well as offer custom attachments to suit individual needs. 

Various physical units are available to suit the needs and the space of the institutions in question. This is a very comprehensive system that can be scaled to fit the needs of your education space.

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