MakeKit AS Educational Robots Revealed at BETT 2023

MakeKit AS
(Image credit: Future)

MakeKit AS has taken to BETT 2023 to show off its micro:bit-powered robots aimed at education use for STEM and STEAM learning subjects.

The Norway-based company has set out to make building robots and using programming skills a much easier process for educators, students, and schools. 

The hardware is based on the BBC micro:bit technology that is affordable and offers a system which, once learned, can be easily scaled. Unlike other micro:bit builds, there is a special MakeKit AS control board that helps to manage everything. Think of it like a translator that speaks to all the different languages so you only have to speak one.

The MakeKit Wonderboard, as it's called, uses MakeCode and works to control and power all the micro:bit robotic functions. So from the flying Air:bit to the Bubble:bit that blows bubbles, everything in this ecosystem is easily built and controlled -- making this a viable education option even for younger learners.

Everything is designed with sustainability in mind, using materials that are reusable, recyclable, repairable, and durable. This makes these robots environmentally friendly while at the same time helps to save money on the upfront costs of these affordable materials. 

MakeKit AS runs a YouTube channel that is filled with helpful information to allow educators to pick this up fast and to teach it to students. It offers lots of ways to work, with helpful and creative options to bring the coding to life.

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