Jamworks Shows BETT 2023 How Its AI Will Change Education

(Image credit: Future)

Jamworks has revealed at BETT 2023 just how artificial intelligence could work to change our classrooms in the future -- and it's started right now with its own bespoke education AI.

Jamworks' Connor Nudd, CEO, tells Tech&Learning: "AI is already here, right now, and it's just becoming about how we're going to manage it in the classrooms.

"Programs like ChatGBT are freely available and students could use it to write essays but we're working to stop plagiarism and create useful tools both for educators and students."

Based on the GPT-4 learning model, the Jamworks AI was created for education specifically. As such, the assistant is limited to access content from a specific sandboxed database. This not only makes it safe for students of varying ages, but also works to make sure students can't just use this to shortcut on essay writing.

Instead, the AI has uses such as allowing a teacher or student to ask it to summarize otherwise voluminous content. It is also built to help with class notes. A student could record the audio of a lesson and this AI will automatically transcribe the spoken words in written text, organize it into sections, highlight important areas, pull in images taken in class, offer links to more information, and more.

So while this will simplify information, ideal for note taking, it will also expand, allowing students to learn about a topic for which the AI trawls the internet for the best bits to suit what they're asking. Crucially, it knows who it is searching for and so will keep that aged student safe and only offer content that is relevant.

Educators can use the AI to generate quizzes, as can students. What makes this platform stand out is that those quizzes can be made from the notes taken in a lesson. This represents a superb way to test retention in a way that takes away the chance to just look it up online and spout off what someone else has written.

Jamworks is out now in the US and UK, with plans to launch in 15+ countries and languages in the coming months.

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