WizeFloor Shows How It Can Turn Any Floor Interactive At BETT 2023

(Image credit: Future)

The WizeFloor projector range was shown at BETT 2023 as a smart way to turn any floor into an interactive education space. 

Using ceiling-mounted projectors, or mobile units, WizeFloor is able to create a video on the floor that can be interactive. Step on it and the smart cameras will pick up what is being selected and the video can react. Consequently, the possibilities are huge! Think touchscreen, only on the floor and able to support multiple students at once.

As such, WizeFloor can be used for education and sport. Football (soccer) is one option, with up to eight players able to kick a virtual ball around a pitch at the same time. Or turn the floor into a giant keyboard and have two students play either end of the virtual piano at once, using their feet (like in Big). Do a class quiz with movement to answer. The possibilities go on and on.

The award-winning interactive learning floor, developed in Denmark, not only offers a wide selection of app-based content but also lets you, as an educator or institution, create your own. This can be a great way to get the class working collaboratively while also engaging movement and exercise at the same time.

A range of projectors that can be scaled to suit the room size are available, making this a viable option for many rooms. Or go for the mobile unit, on wheels, and it can be used in any classroom that needs it.

WizeFloor is available to buy now in its varying forms. Since everything is included in the one unit -- PC, projectors, cameras, speakers, vinyl flooring, and software -- this is a very easy to setup and use system.

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