ViewSonic Universe Demoed At BETT 2023

(Image credit: Future)

The ViewSonic Universe was shown off at BETT 2023 as a new virtual space for holding class with students signing in from their own devices.

As hybrid learning becomes a more viable option and student absences continue to be an issue, ViewSonic has created a digital space that aims to get everyone together. That can include students signing in from devices at home while students in class use devices there, for a near seamless group experience.

Educators can pick a virtual classroom, or build their own, then students are able to create their own avatar characters before all entering the virtual space together. Students may already be adept at video chat but by making the world a 3D environment they should be more focused and attentive.

Want to take the class into space, why not change the ceiling to an observatory? Need to teach a history less? You can bring historical figures right into the virtual classroom to teach with you.

Collaboration becomes more powerful here as students can work together, regardless of their physical location. You can post a poll, put on a quiz, and more, all with results coming instantly for you as the teacher. Pull in a camera feed of real-world teaching in front of the class, add a screen share, use a digital whiteboard -- everything can be brought together in this one unifying digital space.

ViewSonic is still in the process of launching this relatively new Universe so expect more and more integration with other systems in the near future. Thanks to this being widely accessible, through a browser, ViewSonic Universe can be used on many devices, from iOS and Android to PC, Mac and more -- so it should be inclusive for most students.

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