Dobot Magician E6 For Education Appears At BETT 2023

Dobot Magician E6
(Image credit: Future)

The Dobot Magician EG for education is being presented at BETT 2023 to show how robots can help in varying subjects at schools and higher education institutions.

As you may recognize, this little robot looks very much like the automation machines seen in manufacturing plants across the world. This has a lot of those impressive features only scaled down to a desktop size that makes it ideal for classroom use.

This six-axis robotic arm is able to move freely to pick up and transport objects as its larger siblings would on the production line. The company says that this bot is perfect for helping to educate students about robotics, coding, and production in an engaging way.

Dobot is working to create simple programming methods as well as guidance for educators to get the most out of teaching with this in the classroom. The algorithms that run this bot were created bespoke so it can be leveraged as needed by educators to help teach in STEAM and STEM learning.

The Dobot Magician E6 is a plug-and-play device, making it very simple to setup and use for both educators and students alike. And since this takes up little more than the space of an A4 sheet of paper, it fits easily into lots of classroom situations and spaces.

The bot also uses AI and works with drag-to-teach and graphical programming that should be simple for most students to use. The fact it looks exciting, dare we say it mesmerizing, is a great feature in helping keep students engaged while learning.

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