LapSafe Smart Lockers Shown Off at BETT 2023

LapSafe Smart Lockers
(Image credit: Future)

LapSafe Smart Lockers were at BETT 2023 and shown to be the future of locker-based storage for laptops in education buildings. With smart digital access and built-in charging, this is the way lockers are supposed to be.

The idea is to offer a locker system that houses all your education institution's laptops in an easily accessible space that is also super secure. Not only that, but this setup is also powered, so when a student or educator comes to take a laptop out, it should be charged and ready to go.

These lockers can help with security and space efficiency as well as eliminate the need of lugging chargers or having cables all over the school floors. Since the lockers charge the laptops, anyone can remove, use, and return a device before needing a charge.

Everything is automated and runs through a central touchscreen control panel. Consequently, the service is up and running 24/7 -- making it a great option for colleges and universities. 

With more than 15 years of experience and 15,000+ bays up and running around the world, LapSafe Smart Lockers is a company that knows what it is doing. As such, you get a lifetime warranty for parts and labor with any purchased product. 

A range of varying locker sizes and shapes is available, some even packing wheels to allow you to move units between rooms or buildings. Many work on a loan basis and prices can vary based on your needs.

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