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Nor-Tech Introduces Mobile Laptop Cart for 2016

Nor-Tech Introduces Mobile Laptop Cart for 2016

Nor-Tech has introduced a mobile laptop cart for 2016. The laptop charging cart, also available for Chromebooks and tablets (including both iPad and Android), incorporates energy-saving features and battery-charging technology.

The carts can be powered by a single standard AC outlet and have locking options available for extra safety and security. Other add-ons may include:

  • Single plug electrical operation with simultaneous battery charging
  • Extra energy efficiency features
  • Upgraded casters for easier maneuverability
  • Retractable power cords
  • Charging solutions that can refresh more than 40 units from a single outlet.
  • A BatteryBay recharging drawer (for laptop batteries – select models only)
  • A standalone PowerStation--for recharging optional all day Side-Kick battery PowerPacks, which eliminate dangerous cords running across the room.

Nor-Tech’s power management features eliminate overloaded circuits and automatically prioritize the lowest charged units. The turnkey solution, which accommodates all brands, can be integrated into existing wired and wireless environments.