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Dremel Introduces 3D Printer For Education

Dremel Introduces 3D Printer For Education

A common challenge when educators are asked to use a new device is understanding its practical classroom application. Dremel today announced a 3D printer designed to support teachers and demystify 3D printing technology in the classroom. The Dremel 3D Idea Builder marks Dremel’s first foray into the education market.

The 3D printer’s teaching and learning kits integrate with existing STEM curriculum. To help teachers while they implement 3D printing, 1:1 customer support and training are available via phone, Skype, online chat and email.

The 3D printer enables students to design and build their own digital models and then interact with their models in the physical space – ultimately enhancing retention of abstract concepts. Dremel supports this endeavor by providing 10 curriculum-based lesson plans and 3D model kits designed specifically for exploring STEM education with the nuances of 3D printing.

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