Turnitin Revision Assistant Launched

Turnitin Revision Assistant Launched

Today, Turnitin introduced Revision Assistant, a formative writing tool giving students immediate feedback on all aspects of student writing.

As students write with Revision Assistant, they can request a ‘Signal Check’ which provides a visualization of how they are performing on writing traits such as focus, use of evidence, or organization, among many others. Actionable comments appear in the margins of students’ compositions and are tied to sentences highlighted in the text. This feedback emphasizes areas of strength, as well as suggestions for sentence-level improvements.

In a 2015 study of Revision Assistant with 18 middle and high schools, 164 educators and 3,439 students:

  • Ninety-four percent of pilot students revised their work at least once when writing with Turnitin Revision Assistant; middle school students revised, on average, ten times, while high school students revised six times.
  • Middle schoolers doubled the length of their essays across revisions when using the system, while high school papers increased by 70 percent.

Turnitin Revision Assistant is available on a per-student, annual subscription basis.