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Today's Newsletter: Let’s Get On With The Show

Today's Newsletter: Let’s Get On With The Show

The countdown is finished. Let the BETT 2016 begin! More than 35,000 attendees from around the world are expected over the next four days at London’s ExCel Centre for the largest edtech event and Tech&Learning will be there to cover it all. Amongst the hundreds of lectures, panels, and hands-onworkshops, Tech & Learning and its partners are doing their part. Today at 15:45 in the Learn Live Secondary Theatre is our session titled, "Building a Culture of Innovation." The tangibles of edtech are well established—devices are in classrooms; Internet access, while still lagging, is at least available in every school; software systems are in place to access and track student progress. For many schools, what remain elusive are the intangibles—classroom devices truly aiding teacher instruction and student learning; online resources actually integrated into everyday curriculum; school communities embracing the possibility of data analysis to its best effect. This session will investigate how innovative educators are able to make edtech become a weed.

Participants include three highly respected experts in in ICT: Bob Harrison, Chair of the Teaching Schools New Technology Advisory Board; Terry Freedman from ICT & Computing in Education website, and the newsletter “Digital Education”; and longtime edtech leader and consultant Nick Chater.

On Thursday, Tech & Learning partner EXO U will release its a new platform designed to make the most of BYOD in the classroom: ORMI. Engineered for ease of use and uninterrupted teaching flow, ORMI installs and connects on any device with any operating system in minutes. Its elegant, yet simple interface enables teachers to share just about any kind of instructional content to students, groups or entire classes. Students can also be given permission to share content back to the teacher, interactive displays and each other. To helps teachers integrate BYOD into their instructional flow, ORMIextends each device, delivering powerful lesson-building and delivery tools, student response, messaging and other common teaching tools over its platform. This combination places the teacher in complete control, making BYOD easier to incorporate into meaningful teaching and learning outcomes.