Fulton County Schools Adopt Epson BrightLink® 595Wi Touch-Enabled Interactive Projectors

Fulton County Schools Adopt Epson BrightLink® 595Wi Touch-Enabled Interactive Projectors

Fulton County Schools in Metro Atlanta is installing a BrightLink® 595Wi interactive projector from Epson in each of its 6,100 classrooms. At the end of the two-phase implementation, which is projected to be completed in fall 2016, Fulton County Schools’ implementation will be the largest BrightLink 595Wi installation to date.

After reviewing potential solutions, Tim Dunn, Director of Operational Information Technology Program Management at Fulton County Schools, initially decided an interactive solution – either a flat panel or an interactive projector – was the direction the district would take because it was the most cutting-edge. The district discussed installing flat panel displays, but was deterred by the cost of ownership, the small screen size and the extensive repair process that had the potential of leaving classrooms without a presentation solution for weeks. Additionally, the district’s facilities department preferred a presentation solution that minimized installation in classroom ceilings to avoid damage. Because of this, Fulton County Schools began researching interactive projectors.

Dunn was attracted to the BrightLink 595Wi for its color brightness because he found that students in the back of the class can see the projected image nearly as well as students in the front of the room. Additionally, the ultra-short throw projector was easier for the on-site technicians to install with minimal classroom disruptions. It was the projector’s finger-touch interactivity and its compatibility with Promethean ActiveInspire® and SMART Notebook®however that helped make the decision for Dunn.

“From the beginning of our research, I always said the ‘magic’ is in the interactive software and that we needed to find a projection solution that allowed our teachers to continue using the software they had become accustomed to,” said Dunn. “With the BrightLink 595Wi, teachers can still use the software to maintain an interactive experience for students.”

The goal of Phase 1 of the implementation was to install a BrightLink 595Wi in every classroom that did not already have a presentation solution. Fulton County Schools installed approximately 3,100 projectors in Phase 1. Phase 2 will consist of replacing all existing presentation solutions called “legacy equipment” with a BrightLink 595Wi.

The Epson BrightLink 595Wi is the world's first touch-enabled 3LCD interactive projector. The ultra-short throw BrightLink 595Wi delivers 3,300 lumens of color brightness and 3,300 lumens of white brightnessand features advanced connectivity options, PC-free interactivity capabilities, interactivity over the network, and more.

The BrightLink 595Wi is equipped with an external module that mounts directly to a wall or existing whiteboard, enabling finger touch control and annotations. It supports gestures, up to six fingers at the same time, and dual-pen support.