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Knomadix Transforms Static Content into Interactive Digital Lessons

Knomadix Transforms Static Content into Interactive Digital Lessons

At this week’s TCEA 2016 Convention & Exposition, Knomadixintroduces a customizable, interactive learning platform that converts static content such as PDFs and videos into interactive content.

District-level and school-level Instructional specialists, as well as teachers, can transform static PDF or video resources into engaging dynamic content such as:

  • Interactive worksheets with instant feedback, automatic grading, and differentiated instruction
  • Multi-modal, gamified content
  • Customized instructional videos with embedded activities and assessments
  • Virtual interactive manipulatives including number board, geometry toolbox, and multimedia flashcards

Knomadix also provides integrated tools for data gathering, reporting, and analytics. The platform captures student performance data, as well as each student’s intermediate steps, to guide decision-making. While students work through lessons, the system records all student activity. Educators can then selectively watch a video, or an instant replay, of how students have constructed their answers.