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ContentKeeper Anounces New Load Balancing Appliances

ContentKeeper Anounces New Load Balancing Appliances

BYOD and 1:1 programs, now mainstream in schools, are causing district networks to experience increasing speed and volume demands. ContentKeeper is now providing an affordable solution – the ContentKeeper Load Balancing Appliance (CK-LBA).

Ideally, every layer 2 appliance such as a web filter, firewall or intrusion prevention device should be connected to a load balancing appliance to ensure they are constantly operating. The CK-LBA is fully integrated with ContentKeeper Web and ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway; however, it can also be used with any layer 2 device. The CK-LBA comes in multiple configurations to accommodate different traffic requirements, from 1G to 40G. The appliance allows districts to spread multi-gig traffic loads across an array of devices.

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