Students To ‘Fly’ Aircraft While Learning STEM

Students To ‘Fly’ Aircraft While Learning STEM

STEMPilot’s Edustations have been installed in multiple schools across the country in 2015.

  • John Wallace Middle School’s Academy of Aerospace and Engineering in Newington, Connecticut.
  • Sun Valley Magnet Middle School and East Valley High School in Los Angeles.
  • In Texas, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools statewide have installed Edustations.
  • In Florida 52 Edustations, and ‘sit in cockpit’ flight simulators, were installed in high and middle schools in Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.
  • In New York City, students lined up experience STEM Pilot’s Edustations in six high schools and ten middle schools. The nearly-100-year-old P.S. 187 ‘joined the 21st Century’ with installation of 14 Edustations.

Based in Waterbury, Connecticut, STEMPilot manufactures a variety of hands-on flight simulators for students in high, middle and elementary schools.

Through pilot-focused flight simulators, students learn about potential careers in aerospace by exploring such topics as aeronautics, the aerospace environment, aerospace physiology, air navigation, and the physics and operations of aircraft.”