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Edgenuity Unveils Course Customization Tool

Edgenuity Unveils Course Customization Tool

Edgenuity announced today the launch of its new Course Customization tool, which provides educators with the flexibility to remove, add and reorder their course content.

Edgenuity’s Course Customization offers the following features:

  • Remove Content: Make courses shorter and more targeted to address the specific needs of students recovering credits or units.
  • Add Lessons: Refresh prerequisite skills and background knowledge by adding lessons from oneEdgenuity course to any other Edgenuity course; or create completely new courses by combining content from multiple Edgenuity courses.
  • Reorder Content and Rename Units of Study: Align the course to match a district pacing plan.
  • Author and Add Original Content: Replace or add to Edgenuity lessons with original content that is geared to the unique interests or developmental needs of students.

To learn more about Edgenuity’s Course Customization tool, click here.