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Teachers Honored With Allen Distinguished Educators Award

Teachers Honored With Allen Distinguished Educators Award

The Allen Distinguished Educators (ADE) program has announced its 2016 cohort of teachers, who will receive a $25,000 award for pioneering work in education. The ADE award generated 81 initial applications representing 31 states. From 16 finalists, seven winning projects were chosen.

Founded by Seattle-based philanthropist Paul G. Allen, the program focuses on the integration of computer science, engineering and entrepreneurship into engaging, student-led learning.

At a ceremony at SXSWedu, awards were given to the following teaching teams:

· Chris Bartlo and Nicholas Nohner, grades 9-12
Computer Science Program from Wilson High School, Portland, Ore.

· Courtney Bryant, Reginald O’Neill and Beth White, grades k-11
Engineering & Entrepreneurship Program, Charles R. Drew Charter School, Atlanta, Ga.

· Patrick Dempsey and Rob Rambach, 8th grade
Engineering & Computer Science Program, Hixson Middle School, St. Louis, Mo.

· Dawn DuPriest and Tracey Winey, grades 6-8
Engineering & Computer Science, Preston Middle School, Fort Collins, Colo.

· Ashley Greenway, 1st grade
Computer Science, Engineering & Entrepreneurship Program, Elm Street Elementary, Rome, Ga.

· Alyson Nelson, grades 11-12
Engineering Program, Nikola Tesla STEM High School, Redmond, Wash.

· Jodie Woodruff, grades 9-12
Entrepreneurship Program, The Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, Providence, R.I.

To see more about each winner’s project and the resources available through the ADE program, visit the ADE website.