Arkansas School Adopts MobyMax

Arkansas School Adopts MobyMax

MobyMax is partnering with Yerger Middle School in Hope, Ark., to target instruction and improve learning in special education.

The personalized learning curriculum includes math, reading, writing, science, social studies and state test prep for grades K-8. When multiple teachers at the school became interested in using MobyMax in their classrooms, the district decided to purchase a license for the entire campus to be used in regular and special education classrooms.

According to Townsend, using the tool in both settings supports the integration of special education students into regular education classrooms. The self-guided learning and built-in motivators help students gain confidence in their abilities.

Since using the program school wide, students in special education climbed two grade levels in language in the first half of the school year.

One of Townsend’s students who was below grade level in math was able to transition from a special education resource to a general education classroom after using the program.

To learn more about the school’s use of MobyMax, download the Yerger Middle School Spotlight. For more information about MobyMax, visit