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FMA Live! Forces in Motion Returns to West Coast

FMA Live! Forces in Motion Returns to West Coast

Honeywell and NASA's hip-hop educational experience FMA Live! Forces in Motion made its return to the West Coast this month with plans to visit six states and perform at 40 public, private and military-connected middle schools.

The show incorporates hip-hop music and dancers with student volunteers and on-stage, interactive science experiments to demonstrate how physics plays a role in everyday life.

Each performance focuses on Newton's Universal Law of Gravity and Three Laws of Motion. Named after Newton's Second Law of Motion (Force equals Mass times Acceleration), FMA Live! uses music videos and interactive scientific demonstrations to teach and inspire students to pursue STEM careers.

The FMA Live! Forces in Motion experience features an online "Teachers' Lounge" that includes National Science Standards-based teaching resources, downloadable streaming videos, music from the show, and a comprehensive educational guide with lesson plans. To learn more visit