Survey: Teachers Believe Tech Enriches the Classroom

Survey: Teachers Believe Tech Enriches the Classroom

A large majority of U.S. teachers believe technology helps facilitate learning – however, just 16% of teachers give their schools an ‘A’ grade for incorporating it into their classroom. Almost half of teachers (48%) consider the technology they do have to be outdated. This is the case despite billions of dollars having been spent on both hardware and software for the K-12 classroom – over $6 billion in 2015 alone.

These findings are part of the new Teachers’ Dream Classroom Survey sponsored by Edgenuity, provider of online and blended learning services.

According to the survey, technology enriches the classroom experience for students and teachers alike. The vast majority of teachers (91%) agree with the statement: “Technology provides a greater ability for teachers to tailor lessons and homework assignments to the individual needs of each student.”

Teachers feel that technology improves the classroom experience in a number of ways, including:

  • Creating more opportunities for research projects – 73%
  • Helping students learn through a combination of direct instruction and learning on their own – 71%
  • Ability to personalize learning for each student – 67%